If you have a metal allergy, you still have plenty of awesome options for hypoallergenic wedding bands that are far from boring. There are a handful of metals that are non-irritants AND other unique, alternative materials used to make rings that won’t cause a skin irritation:

  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Tungsten
  • Black Zirconium
  • Ceramic
  • Elysium
  • Silicone

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each of these options AND to see some ring design inspiration.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are highly sensitive to nickel, meteorite has a very low percentage of nickel in its composition and may cause skin irritation.

What Ring Metals Are Hypoallergenic?

Titanium and platinum are 100% hypoallergenic ring metals. Both metals are similar in appearance, but very different in composition and cost. Titanium is a low-cost, lightweight, alternative metal. Platinum comes at a premium price and is considered a precious metal.

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